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    Hawaii helicopter tours are very popular for today's Hawaiian tourists. A Hawaii helicopter tour is a must do activity, just like luaus and beach going. The only way to see Hidden Hawaii is from above with a Hawaii helicopter tour. Hawaii offers an unique experience of being able to fly close to an active Volcano. A Hawaii Volcano helicopter tour can really be considered a once-in-a-lifetime event. This web site will help provide you information on your Hawaii Volcano helicopter tour, but remember there's so much more scenic beauty on a Hawaii helicopter tour than just active volcanoes. Each island has breathtaking views that can only be truly appreciated from above during a Hawaii helicopter tour.
   Each Hawaiian Island can be seen by many different Hawaiian helicopter tour flights. Each island has something unique to offer. Some of the smaller islands will be viewable from the distance during your Hawaii helicopter tour of the larger islands. Let's look at some of the helicopter tour sites of the four most popular islands to tour, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and a Big Island of Hawaii. Oahu helicopter tour sites are city views of Honolulu and Waikiki, Diamond head, the Koolau Mountains (See Circle Oahu Tour). Maui helicopter tour sites include Halea Kala Crater, West Maui Mountains, tropical rain forests, waterfalls, views of Molokai and Lanai Islands. Kauai helicopter tours sites include Waimea Canyon, waterfalls of Waialeale, Na Pali coastline, and Hanalei Valley. Big Island helicopter tours sites they include volcanoes of Mauna Loa the world's most massive Volcano, Kilauea Volcano the world's most active Volcano. Also tropical rain forest valleys, lava flows, Hamakua Coastline. If you want your best chance in your lifetime to see a live active Volcano from a helicopter, The Big Island of Hawaii is where you want to plan your Hawaii Volcano Helicopter Tour (See Kilauea Volcanic Systems Section).
   Reservations are very important for your Hawaii Volcano helicopter tour. This is because flying in a helicopter over a live active Volcano is an extremely attractive adventure and there is only a limited number of helicopters available. Tourist will tell one another about their fantastic experiences on their Hawaiian helicopter tour, and this causes others to try last-minute bookings. You don't want to leave anything to chance so plan ahead. An important thing to remember is to know what island you are going to be on and what day you are going to be on it. Some tourist try island hopping while in Hawaii, while others stay on Oahu during their whole trip. You will need a credit card to reserve a Hawaiian Volcano helicopter tour. Some helicopter tour companies will charge the full amount to your credit card when you make the reservation, while others will have lesser credit card deposits or just use the card to hold the reservation. Some companies will allow you to pay with a different form (cash) at the time you are there, but all companies will require a credit card to make a confirmed reservation. Know how many people are in your group and their age and weights before making reservations. Know exactly your Hawaii and Volcano helicopter tour company reservation cancellation policy before you make the reservations. It's easy to understand that something unsuspectingly can happen and change your Hawaiian vacation plans, and you may have to cancel your Hawaiian Volcano helicopter tour flight. Cancellation periods can vary from 24 hours to 72 hours before your helicopter flight. Be sure to confirm to your Hawaiian Volcano helicopter tour company of your arrival to the Hawaiian Islands, and at what hotel you are staying. By confirming your arrival the Hawaii Volcano helicopter tour company will have great confidence of your showing up for your reservation and you will be confident that the helicopter is reserved for you. An added bonus of making helicopter tour reservations over the Internet is that you will save a little bit of money!
   Hawaii Volcano helicopter tour companies will need to know the weight of every person on the helicopter. This is because of strict safety rules that require that helicopters have even weight distribution. Because of this passenger seats are pre assigned. Also your Hawaii Volcano helicopter tour will vary with weather conditions, and sometimes flights will be canceled. Hawaii helicopters are generally four or six seat helicopters, counting the helicopter pilot. Everyone in the tour helicopter will have headsets on. The headsets are to minimize the sound of the helicopter and to allow everyone to talk to each other.
   Most people hire a Hawaiian helicopter for standard sightseeing purposes, but there are some other available helicopter rentals (which are more expensive). Helicopters can be used to transfer from one island to another, private charters, weddings and even special helicopter sightseeing/golfing packages.
    So no matter what you may want from a Hawaii helicopter tour: whether it's a Volcano tour, a circle Oahu tour or seeing magnificent tropical rain forests, spectacular mountain ranges, or elegant waterfalls, or a romantic fly by Honolulu and Waikiki at night, a Hawaiian helicopter tour will be one of the absolute most memorable experiences of your stay in the Hawaiian Islands.

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